Web Delivered Music Instruction

The Sight Reading Lab works on any device with a microphone and a modern browser: laptops, ipads, tablets, and mobile devices.

Practice mode offers all the functionality for improvement:

  • touch individual notes to hear them
  • play the exercise perform along with it
  • adjust tempo to work up to the target speed
  • turn on solfege syllables helpers
  • exercises contain descriptions with directions to guide learning new skills and vocabulary

When ready, switch to performance mode and get realtime, color-coded feedback on the accuracy of your performance. An overall score is presented at the end to accept or to try again.

View of Assignments from a Joined Group
Practice View with Solfege Enabled

Quality Content

Our library's content has been and continues to be created and curated by experienced music educators. Educator accounts can also upload their own private materials to target specific skills or passages.

We're a new service and just getting started; so, as we grow, all future courses from the Sight Reading Lab will be available to end-users at no additional cost.

Example Course Unit Listing

Built for Flexibility

Educator accounts have choice over delivery of their personalized content. Create content in your favorite music editor, save it as a music xml file, and its ready for upload to assign to groups. As the educator you can:

  • Disallow clef change to target specific skills
  • Allow clef change and set one exercise where all instruments receive the correct transposition and clef per their account settings
  • Access and download the latest results from saved group member performances

Musescore Score as Uploaded

Same Exercise with Alto Clef and Altered Key