Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sight Reading Lab?

The Sight Reading Lab is a website that allows users access to sequential music sight reading material that provides practice and feedback tools. For assessment, the website evaluates performance pitch and duration by microphone, but it does not record or store any audio recordings. Teacher accounts may upload their own sight reading content and can maintain groups that allow tracking of student progress on content they select.

What are the steps to setup my campus with tSRL?

  1. Register for an account and confirm your email by link.
  2. Login and purchase the educator account (for personalized material uploads and steeply discounted student accounts).
  3. Determine how many student accounts you need and purchase them in packs of 10.
  4. Have students register at the site (email confirmation link).
  5. Students use the redeem codes provided by you to gain individual access to the site.
  6. Create groups and share group join codes to students to give assignments and track progress.

Why did you build tSRL?

The other offerings either suffered from poor musical craftmanship or were overly complicated and expensive for everyday individuals and classrooms. We believe in letting experienced educators guide the learning process whenever possible. We also have issue with expensive practice tools in the market that teach bad rhythm and tempo habits by adjusting to performers. You can adjust tempo in practice mode, but in recording mode, we're straight forward with our algorithm. Right pitch at right times according to tempo, period!

Do you support instruments that aren't concert pitch?

Yes, the end-user can update their settings for the correct concert pitch according to their instrument. tSRL also supports transposing melodies to work the same exercise in different keys.

Do you support CMS systems like Google Classroom or Canvas?

Not directly (that's a future endeavor). However, Educator accounts can download csv file scoring data that can be imported into most classroom management platforms.

Do I have to be vetted to purchase an educator account?

No. However, users that purchase the Educator accounts that aren't affiliated to a school or organization by their registered email will need to contact support in order to be allowed to purchase the heavily discounted account bundles. All other features like creating groups and uploading personalized content remain available, regardless.

Is there a way for teachers to ensure scores submitted reflect student work?

No. tSRL is not designed to be an authoritative performance assessment platform. Our philosophy is that live in-person assessment is the best way to follow-up on skills learned through our site. Our company knows a thing or two about it... checkout While we strive for quality feedback, too many factors are involved to use this service as an assessment tool. We are decidedly a learning tool.

Can anyone with a tSRL account request to join my group?

Yes, but they need your join code to request your permission for access. You can always deactivate their membership in your group after accepting them, and they can withdraw at any time. You can also change your group join code at anytime. This allows for the flexibility for students to join multiple participating communities with one account (like participating private instructors.)

Can people communicate through this platform?

Purposefully, no. There is no future plan to do so. Through our platform, the only interaction is between the person and the exercises available to them!