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Individual Accounts

Who Are Individual Accounts for?

Individual accounts are designed for students of all ages who are interested in independent study to improve their sight reading skills. Examples would be:

  • Students enrolled in music programs seeking extra music reading support
  • Students preparing for a sight reading audition
  • Church choir members looking to become independent readers
  • AP Music students looking to practice a reading method (solfeggio)
  • College students preparing for sight-reading classes
  • Private studio students who want to accelerate their reading skills

What Can Individual Accounts Do?

  • Access an ever expanding library of sequenced courses
  • Receive supported practice and music study
  • Receive live feedback on performance and record saved progress
  • Join Educator Account Groups through a shared join code* Allows access to private content

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Educator Accounts

Who Are Educator Accounts for?

Educator accounts are primarily designed for teachers who will utilize the site with students. However, there is also a case for advanced students purchasing an educator account to enable uploading their own personal content for practice purposes. Example users would be:

  • Institutional music teachers (public, charter and private organizations)
  • Private studio teachers
  • College professors or graduate students
  • Advanced chorus, orchestra, band, etc. students without participating teachers (in order to upload personalized practice materials)

What Can Educator Accounts Do?

  • Upload exercises using the MusicXML format
    • Single voice melodies only
    • The upload process only retains pitch and duration - all other markings, text or lyrics are automatically scrubbed
    • The upload automatically generates the solfege option for practice mode
  • Create Groups for users to join
    • Full management of group membership
    • Assign exercises to group members from the library or uploads
    • Track and download group member performance scores of assignments
  • Qualifying accounts can purchase bundles of student accounts at a steep discount *Any registered email accounts based on free domains are automatically disqualified for discounted account purchases

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